Vendor Application 2021/2022 Season

We are excited to offer an entire market season for vendors for the 2020/2021 season. Our application is open to foodtrucks, produce, makers, growers, traders, artists, organizations + non-profits + more. We would encourage you to reach out to should you have any questions, but please read our vendor guidelines below.

“Market at the Heddle” is a located on Rutherford Road in Greenville, just two miles from downtown. We are an open air market with many residential communities nearby, Located in the oldest manufacturing and trade complex in the Upstate, “The Heddle” has been a household name in our area for nearly 100 years.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with each of you to produce an amazing market season with fun filled family memories, celebrations of culture, and everything #LOCAL the Upstate has to offer!

Approval Process

Spaces are limited by category and decided by our team based on overall product quality, consumer demand, artistic appeal, process of manufacturing, uniqueness, brand awareness, + more. We consider all factors and are looking for fun, energetic brands that bring a trend to our markets.

We monitor submissions constantly. Decisions are made weekly for markets on the planning board. We do not send official event invitations to merchants or make final submission approvals until (90) days before a market.

Your application(s) will be filed in the order in which it was received. If your application includes multiple events, your application will be filed for each event applied for and assessed when each market reaches our planning board.

Official Invitations

If you receive an official invitation in receipt of your application, please submit vendor payment within (7) days of invitation to confirm your vendor spot.

After (7) days, your invitation will be rescinded and your spot offered to another merchant in line. To re-submit your request, you must re-submit your application.

Official invitations include merchant payment links for each market you have applied for and been accepted to that is within our planning board time frame. Once your merchant fees are paid for each specific event, you are confirmed for that specified event only.


All merchant fees are final and non-refundable. "Market at the Heddle" considers your payment a contract to attend our market on applied and confirmed date.

If you must cancel, you may notify at the very earliest so that we can secure your spot with another market and assess other dates for your attendance.

Weather Emergencies

Our events are rarely cancelled due to weather. unless the event of a catastrophe occurs, we plan to always hold our events.

For events that pose the risk of severe weather of 50% chance or higher of rain we assess on the morning of the event and merchants will receive a blast update with a weather call by our market staff. We do have indoor shelter for vendors to retreat if unexpected weather creeps into our event and shelter is necessary.


Tent merchants will be assigned a 15' x 15' space meant to accommodate a 10' x 10' work area or tent. (6' of overflow space reserved between merchant tent spaces)

Chairs are not available from "Market at the Hedde" so please bring your own chairs for your work area if you need a place to sit.

Please make certain all of your tent poles are fitted snug, your covers are tied on securely and if you have sides, that are rolled or pulled together and clear of any trip hazard.

Food or sample vendors must bring your own trash can and leave your vendor tent space free and clear of any garbage or debris. Dumpsters are on-site.
All customer areas should be ADA compliant and/or handicap accessible at all times, ensuring 36" inches of clear space, free of any hazards.

Safety Compliance Audits

Merchants must bring your own tables which are in good working order and secure to withstand the weight of your content. Please double check your tables upon set up to ensure their security.

Each leg of each tent must be weighted to participate in our market. Our staff will conduct a compliance checklist before the start of each event to ensure tents are weighted with 40 lbs on each leg.

You must also adhere to 36" ADA Compliance open areas and all fire regulations, code, and compliance regulations enforced by Greenville County and all requests from "Market at the Heddle" staff and administration.


Insured vendors should submit a Certificate of Additionally Insured for our property for the year subject to markets you plan to attend.

Additionally Insured Certificate should Include: Early Goat Coffee Co. & PES, LLC 1801 Rutherford Rd. Greenville, SC 29609

There is no charge to obtain this document from your insurance company and only extends your coverage to our property in the event a liability should occur. Please upload this document at the end of the application process.

Insurance is not required for all vendors, but preferred. However, food vendors must possess a minimum of (1,000,000) in liability insurance with a minimum of (2) aggregates + certificate of additionally insured for the market season or specific events you plan to attend.


If you sell a product(s) that contain allergens, our market needs to know that. Please indicate on your application which products contain allergens and the type of known allergens and warnings included in your packaging.

We will need full photo examples of each of those products and your labels are expected to be in compliance with all label requirements set forth by the FDA and all standards set forth by the Department of Agriculture, Department of Health and Environmental Control and other regulation agencies.

Your signage should also indicate that your products contain known allergens and should be visible from 10 ft away. For example, if you sell boiled peanuts, your sign should say "PEANUTS" and be visible from at least 10ft.

Vendor Accomodations

Water is available for vendors for a fee of $10 per event

Power is available for vendors for a fee of $15 per event

(Merchants should bring 25 - 50 ft. heavy duty extension cords if you have reserved electricity) Contact to request special accommodations not listed here.


Standard Tent/Table Merchant Fee - $25 - $35
Foodtrucks + Growers ALWAYS FREE

Apply Below

If you have read and agree to the merchant guidelines stated above, you may proceed with the application below.

At the end of the application you will be asked to submit a series of photos and/or documentation. No worries, you will also receive an email copy including the upload link in case you need to resume the upload at a later time.

Please note that market staff will assess each application based on the information provided to us throughout the application process. Please do not submit multiple applications for the same event. If you feel you have made an error on your application, contact our office.