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2021 - "Market at the heddle"

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Open-Air Style Market

“Market at the Heddle” is an open air style, outdoor market. In addition to our wide outdoor layout, we feature an indoor space for limited featured events throughout the year. Our default layout is open air! 

Family + Fur Friendly

“Market at the Heddle” promotes family fun with your furry friends. Pets should be leashed, picked up after, and be pleasant while attending our market. 


We ask ALL vendors and attendees to wear a mask when present at a vendor booth. Food Vendors must adhere to all guidelines set forth by their regulating agency.

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Manufacturing & Trade in the Upstate

"The Heddle" has been the face of manufacturing and trade in the upstate for nearly one hundred years. It continues to serve local entrepeneaurs through "Market at the Heddle" events.


Network and Grow Together

Markets are a great way to promote your brand or business organically. As our market continues to grow, we enjoy getting to know our vendors and being a part of their success. Consider bringing your brand to our market!


"Connecting Locals with Local"

Our mission is to create a safe and convenient market where community locals can connect with everything local from vendors in and around the upstate of South Carolina.


Karma Grocery's - #PayItForward Mission

Through our #PayItForward mission, anyone can purchase a box to give or request a box to be picked up or delivered. Each box is curated by our vendors at wholesale cost and is given for free to recipients.


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