About The Heddle

Steel Heddle Philadelphia opened its textile manufacturing facility here in Greenville, SC in 1923. What is now known as “The Heddle” served the industry until 2001 when it filed bankruptcy and was eventually bought out in the 2000’s.  

The Steel Heddle Corporation relocated and the property sat vacant until it was later purchased and coined, “The Heddle” around 2014. 

Still a leading role in manufacturing and trade, “The Heddle’ houses years of history and encompasses the revitalization and preservation this property and its history deserves. 

“Most days you will find someone walking the halls that once worked here. It is always a treat to see their appreciation of the buildings preservation and continued use!” said Troy Styles, who owns a coffee manufacturing company at “The Heddle.”

Since nineteen

Since 1923, this site has been the epicenter of manufacturing and trade in the Upstate of South Carolina. 

With our on-site access to CSX Rail and ease of access to the inland port, The Heddle Manufacturing & Trade Park continues its mark in industry.

Featuring a long told history from its days as “The Steel Heddle,” today The Heddle is home to various industrial leaders from technology to landscaping and beverage manufacturing. 

Cup of Coffee?

Swing by Early Goat Coffee Co. (Bldg. 1) and have a cup of fresh roasted coffee. Early Goat Coffee Co. features the world’s top 2% of Specialty Coffee cultivated in their roast collection.

They have become known for their other brands such as Rainbow brand featured on shelves of national retailers like Sam’s Club, Wal*Mart, Whole Foods, + more.

The Early Goat brand launched in 2018 and has been home to “The Heddle” since its launch. 

Stop by and see what they’re brewing. Or go ahead and place your order online at order.earlygoat.com

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